Olympus OMD EM5 Mkiii

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Re: Olympus OMD EM5 Mkiii

Architeuthis wrote:

kelpdiver wrote:

The vacuum systems do remove a lot of fear and paranoia, though they can still be defeated by user error. The newer nauticam vaccuum system with a button to purge is far less idiot proof than the prior one where you have to unscrew it to purge, as proven by an unlucky fellow on a trip I did a couple years back.

How, exactly, did your friend manage to purge the vacuum UW? Did he forget to screw the protecting cap on the vacuum valve and then pressed the red button unintentionally? What was the result, complete or partial flooding?

I am asking, because we have both types of vacuum valves in the family and it is good to know what to avoid...


yeah - exactly that.   with the older twist to purge system, the cap isn't as important.

I don't think he meant to hit it, just slipped.   And it was a total loss.

There's no question it's more convenient, and removes the step of opening and closing on each cycle, but convenience comes at a risk.  I have the old system, and my wife's has the new one.

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