Z50 First Impressions

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Re: Z50 First Impressions

BobbyTee wrote:

IT'S FAST! Lens left extended, sleep mode, one shutter press wakes the camera and takes the first shot in one second. Grab shots are possible as quickly as they appear. (Fuji X-E3 with 15-45 zoom takes three seconds from shutter press to wake up and extend the lens, then requires a second shutter press to take a picture.)

Large, bright EVF with 20mm eye relief. Easy to shoot rangefinder-style with both eyes open, noise isn't smudging the LED display.

Some lagging in focus tracking in low light.

Perfect fit for my hands, everything is done with the right hand. Good size and weight.

Lens can stay extended in sleep mode.

Manual focus with no buttons or menu diving, just turn the ring.

Manual zoom, with markings showing the focal length!

No button clutter. Markings are big enough and easy to read.

My first real camera was a Nikon S, bought in Japan in 1960, followed by an F bought in Viet Nam in 1965, many other Nikons, a recent detour into Fuji Land, now back to Nikon, and it feels like home.

Congratulations and welcome back!


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