If the new camera is all that is climed, I AM ALL IN

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Re: If the new camera is all that is climed, I AM ALL IN

Phil A Martin wrote:

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John Cal wrote:

Phil A Martin wrote:

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breeze_of_wind wrote:

With a fist full of Pentax and Sigma lenses, plus the full frame Pentax camera, all I hoped for was a new body for motion phootography -- birds, etc. They appear to have delivered. I do not have to move. A new Pentax camera and a couple of new lenses will do it -- maybe I will even look at the 560mm lens. Who knows.

I have a simple message -- thank you Pentax.

John Morris

I was hoping that this new camera would have offered a 'play back' mode through the view finder, I dont think it dose so a bit of a let down for me, but traditional DSLR users should be happy with it.

You can only have that facility with mirrorless cameras with an EVF. It would simply be impossible to do with a DSLR OVF.

It seems silly to be disappointed because the camera doesn't have a facility it could never possibly have.

Since Pentax holds a patient on a hybrid OVF/EVF which was the reasoning behind my thoughts about the possibility of this camera having the best of both worlds. I dont believe it to be a scilly idea over a feature that could be implemented? I am disappointed that this could have been a stand out camera, a camera that could utilise a Hybrid OVF/EVF would be a real game changer and a massive hit for Pentax. Alas not in this camera but maybe in the future? If Pentax can move forward with innovation.

John Cal's point is understandable. Fuji has had a hybrid OVF/EVF setup with their higher end models since 2012. It's not impossible to install a hybrid viewfinder system in a DSLR if rangefinders can utilize them.

That is a completely different set up to Pentax DSLR cameras. With certain FUJI cameras, you can choose between a direct vision OVF viewfinder, similar to that in a rangefinder camera, such as you'd find in a Leica or flick a switch and use an EVF instead. This is a totally different set up to the standard SLR set up in a Pentax OVF.

I understand that. I know modifications would have to be made, for sure. But not impossible. Would likely require enlarging the body a bit to accommodate the electronics and EVF.

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