Garage studio question: do you keep your seamless paper hung ?

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Re: Garage studio question: do you keep your seamless paper hung ?

If you use your you might want to consider a roller system seamless paper frequently, you might want to consider purchasing a roller system. There are mechanisms that mount on the wall and/or ceiling and can be had in manual or electrical versions. These are basically metal or fiberboard cores driven by reversible electrical mother, manual crank/gear or chain-driven methods. A simple and inexpensive system can consist of 2 light stands and a crossbar or two wall brackets and a crossbar.

If you don't have space or budget for these items there is another method. I buy Savage seamless paper that comes in a carton. I open the carton lengthwise lie a box of food wrap. I then roll the paper from the floor upward and clamp the paper to a simple dows or length of lumber on brackets near the ceiling. The wider rolls can easily become unmanageable if you don't plan a convenient hanging method.

I keep only 3 shades in stock - white, studio gray, and black, I order colours only as I require them. I keep my basic shade on the rollers and store the others vertically to conserve storage space. For small product shots or headshots, I use the smaller (in width) rolls and consider them disposable.  If you make a cyclorama setup and roll the paper down on the floor, support ititi with hard flooring or plywood sheets so it is not punctured.

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