Need help replacing PaS camera

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Re: Need help replacing PaS camera

I had a DSLR and a Sony RX100 M2.  After a while, the DSLR rarely went out with me.

I now have a Sony RX100 M2 and a Huawei P30 (non-pro version).  The Sony rarely goes out with me.

Most of the time I leave the Huawei in its "AI" mode, leaving it to sort out what it wants to do.  Occasionally I will adjust the exposure minus a stop or two for a dramatic sky, or turn off AI if I want to take a picture of a person with the background sharp 'for the record' - AI often says portrait and blurs the background.

Apart from that, I spend a lot more time walking and looking and a lot less time fiddling with a camera.  You can never reproduce the 'greats' unless you have the time to wait for the light (and in Ansel Adams case, a mule train for the tripod and full plate cameras).

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