Canon R6, best camera under $2000?

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NickZ2016 wrote:

izzard wrote:

In the explanation they write "Even though they cost more, we've considered the Canon EOS R6 and Panasonic DC-S5 in this group because their specs and performance are consistent with their ~$2000 peers."

If the specs and performance of higher priced camera are consistent with peers at lower price point it doesn't make sense to pick the higher priced model. If there're two similar performing products why'd anyone recommend or pick the more expensive?

They said

The Canon EOS R6 is the most expensive camera in its class but also perhaps the most well-rounded, making it worth spending more than $2000. Like all cameras in this class it offers excellent image quality, and it has an AF system that’s both powerful and easy-to-use.

Honestly what sense does it make to set a hard limit for a review like this? If the best camera was $1 over the limit should they ignore it?

You can argue that $500 is too far over the limit

and one would be right.

but this isn't the Olympic with weight classes.

Yes, it is.  Look how DPReview divides cameras into different price brackets when they make their holiday recommendations.  Not weight, but price, decides which camera is placed in one group or another. I guess it is annoying to hemmed in by categories of one's own creation.

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