What has happened to e-Bay Japan postage prices?

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Re: What has happened to e-Bay Japan postage prices?

Proplus888 wrote:

Rod McD wrote:


As a keen adapted lens user, I've long bought legacy lenses from Japan. The Japanese have a great used photographic market. Their dealers have been very honest, their descriptions of a lens accurate in my experience, and they take the best photos of the gear bar none. In the past their postage rates have been very reasonable.

In recent times, their postage prices have gone up. They well exceed Korean postage costs, which have to cover air-freighting items just as far. The prices may (or may not) reflect changes in exchange rates, but there also appears to be questionable practices going on -

  • the same lens may be advertised after a time at a cheaper 'Buy It Now' price, but the postage rate will go up massively - it seems to offset the apparent discount.
  • the postage prices for sellers selling an identical make and model of lens can vary by a factor of 2-3X.
  • the prices to send a small flat light object like a lens cap or filter seem way disproportionate to their size, weight and packaging requirements.

Has anyone else noticed this? Why the change? And I thought e-Bay regulates abuse of postage prices?

Regards, Rod

Just received a lens purchased on eBay from Japan a few days ago. From what I can gather, most of the sellers in Japan now are using a more expensive service (in my case DHL) for shipping. I’m guessing this is due to COVID-19 so that packages can be collected by a courier, and they know that normal postal services now takes weeks, and sometimes even months, to arrives.

I agree with this point.  I have only ever bought mid range price legacy lenses from Japan. They are all carefully described - but there is the odd hiccup vendor.  I have been able to get as new lenses for a similar price than elsewhere*.  But they have almost inevitably charged courier rates for delivery and the delivery of such is incredibly fast out of Japan.

From China if you don’t pay courier rates for the more expensive purchases then it might be hard to even get them shipped let alone delivered. Small value ex-China is still very cheap freight but does take a while to arrive.

The issue has been explained to me as Covid-related and a virtual scrum to get your goods freighted.  Therefore the process of only using freight forwarding services for everything - and that is not necessarily always going to work.

Just recently an article from Shanghai was sent courier to Inchon in Korea where it languished for six days then back to Shenzhen in China then quickly to Ho-Chi-Min City and Malaysia via way stations (same day) and arrived in Australia at my door in three days from Shenzhen.  I had complained when I found it had apparently been on a grand tour and was now  in Malaya but in fact it must have been being transferred between aircraft at each way-station and was not being further held up.

Freight handling issues due to shortage of flights was the issue which I accepted graciously.  what appeared to be incompetence may well have been innovative freight forwarding under some pressure.

* I have found that Mamiya 645 lenses from Japan can be had in first class condition whereas the same lenses are offered at similar prices in the US for lenses that inevitably look to have been loved and well worn by professional users.  I presume that the US buyers of these once quite expensive lenses actually used them to make a living.

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