If the new camera is all that is climed, I AM ALL IN

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JeremieB wrote:

Massao wrote:

I don’t really take BIF photos often so not sure which lenses are available for K-mount but as you have many lenses for K-mount, getting a K-33 is an obvious choice. For me, its not as straightforward. I was more tempted when the specs came out but soon realized that for me, K-33 is just like buying into a new system altogether-- as I would need to buy at least three new lenses (PLM/ring-type SDM and Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8) to use the supposedly better AF system of K-33. Older screw-driven AF lenses won’t perform adequately if the AF system in camera is really as good as it can be. They will work better on K33 than previous Pentax DSLRs (most likely) but I don’t see a point of buying a new camera and not benefit from its AF system fully by using older lenses only.

Not sure what the 16-50mm f/2.8 PLM will cost but newer DC/PLM/SDM Pentax lenses are definitely more expensive here than equivalent lenses for Sony’s E /Nikon F system.

In fact K3 iii will change nothing to this situation, except that it will make those newer lenses more valuable.

True, but without the AF improvements in K-33, I would not have considered to buy another Pentax camera at all.

Also I think it's an error to consider K3 iii only valuable asset will be AF-C: even if we limit to AF, it will bring better viewfinder, joystick, touch AF and 12 FPS. All this can add value to all our lenses, even MF ones regarding viewfinder.

Certainly K-33 has many other features also but for me the most important one is AF system. I already have several cameras with 8 fps and that is more than enough really. And I have cameras with touch AF as well, so none of those other features attract me that much. Its really the AF system that will make me buy K-33.

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