Upgrade of Nikon D5100

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Re: Upgrade of Nikon D5100

RudiHafez wrote:I used The Nikon 18-44 mm lens with autofocus, using minimal aperture possible. But as I said my problem is mainly in photographing moving objects not stationary.

I believe that for this test you have to use the max aperture of the lens to achieve the shallowest DoF possible. It will show you if your camera is front or back focusing with this particular lens.

Looking at the example photos you posted earlier in the thread, your blurry images have nothing to do with the camera sensor, but with not achieving accurate focus, due to the camera AF limitations, or most likely, not good enough technique when focusing manually.

I'd suggest looking into some of the newer camera models that support the new AF-P lenses. They are advertised as lenses that can auto-focus much quicker.

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