Send in my 16-55 or not?

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Re: Send in my 16-55 or not?

Man - why are you hesitating, just send it in?  This is the best lens on the planet and is permanently glued to my X-H1.  I love this lens to bits.  After 4 years hard use my rubbers are looking horrible and after too many dirt bike races and dusty desert rallies, the manual focus ring sounds a little gritty.  I'm going to send mine in soon and have full confidence it will come back better than ever!

I did something to my beloved 90mm last year (I shoot everything on these two lenses now).  all photos from it were horribly overexposed and unusable.  I sent it to Fuji Australia and they were fantastic.  Great communication and packaging.  My lens came back beautifully clean inside, and they said they replaced the 'iris'.  My photos from that lens are equally as sharp as when brand new - zero difference.  That's after a complete strip down.  It was only around 300 bucks - much better than the $1,600 here in Australia for a new one.

Have confidence and give your 'brick' a new lease on life!!


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