Send in my 16-55 or not?

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Re: Send in my 16-55 or not?


It's amazing the lens survived unscathed!

It would pay to find out the cost of the service of having it 'checked out on the computer'.  If it's cheap, maybe go ahead.  However, if you're posting it,  you would have to accept the risk of the lens being bumped in transit on the way there or back.  And if it does need internal repairs, you'd have to accept the quality of the work and reassembly.  And cost.

Why not check it yourself first?  Do a brick wall test.  Or some other detailed scene that doesn't have DOF issues.  Take a few images at say four or five FLs and through the aperture range at each FL.  Pixel peep at each aperture at 100% and then 200%.  Observe how it changes.  Shoot a few different objects using AF at different distances to check AF accuracy.  You'll quickly see de-centering or major mis-alignments, exposure accuracy, whether the AF is spot on, etc.  You don't have to send the lens anywhere and it's free.

Cheers, Rod

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