Super Telephoto IS Mode 1 vs Mode 3

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Re: Super Telephoto IS Mode 1 vs Mode 3

an_also wrote:

Thank you for this detailed reply. Do you find you get more in focus shots for action wildlife in Mode 3 vs Mode 1?

I used to shoot the 400 5.6 for a couple of years ago so I can certainly channel my muscle memory of seeing a non stabilized viewfinder view. After i got the 100-400 ii then sold that towards the 400 DO II, I've been using Mode 1 exclusively.

Also is it safe to assume Mode 3 doesn't produce as much wear and tear on your SuperTele's AF system because its not always engaged when you are engaging the camera to focus like Mode 1 does?

Cheers An_also.

I can't say I've noticed a difference as regards focus acquisition for wildlife. I'm generally very happy with my in-focus percentage with both 600/4 II and 100-400 II. But then as regards focus I was happy with the Mark 1 500/4 and 100-400. There may well be a difference, but if so I haven't twigged to it.

You make a good point abut wear. Whether IS system wear is a factor either way I don't know. Logically you would expect so, on the other hand, I've come to regard the Big Whites as immune to wear and trouble. I know they ain't, but they seem to be as close to mechanical perfection as any moving-parts device can sensibly be. (How much work did my wonderful old 500/4 IS Mark 1 do over the years, in Aussie heat and dust and bouncing around on outback roads, in tropical jungles and in driving rain? Just as good today as the day it was made.)  I doubt that we need to worry about it.

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