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Bill Ferris wrote:

NicholasD wrote:

Gol darn it Bill. I've pretty much selected the 500 pf vs the 200-500 as the best option for me to get to 500mm and you go ahead and post stunners..... Could you post at least one focus miss or complain about the weight or how hard it is to zoom the full range or that you had to buy a new bag or or or or..... Thanks in advance.

Very nice captures!


Well, everything we read about the 500 PF indicates it's an excellent lens. The size and weight are certainly plusses. You should get it, then get out as often as possible and love using it.

Just between you and me, the first photo in the set is a focus miss. It's off enough that I normally would not have processed it. However, the facial expression and body position overcome - IMO - that technical imperfection. The missed focus has, however, been eating at me the last two months. If I'd done a better job of tracking the's always the missed shots that stay with me. Don't get me wrong; I love the good ones. But the shots that get away are what keep me going out in pursuit of that ellusive perfect photo

A lot of truth in what you say. My challenge is to embrace the last sentence of your first paragraph - not advocating being foolhardy, but there tends to be a lot of life experiences left on the table at times because of self imposed barriers. Thanks for the sentiment!

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