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And-roid wrote:

intport wrote:

(Just adding bulk to the post so it doesn't get lost with no replies and you (possibly) may receive further feedback by another user who might have used both r5 and Z7 II (there are a few out there already)

It seems Z6 II is on about the level of a sony a7r III, in terms of af performance, with the sony having the edge (not so slightly).



The Z7 II is going to be not as well performing, about its AF, as the Z6 II, specially in low light, which means the performance of a Sony A7R iii is likely not be not equaled, and that level, for many, is the lower threshold for acceptable AF performance for professional work.

However, with the inclusion of dual expeed processors, the nikon Z 7 II most likely has the potential to be further developed into a higher performing machine with future firmware updates, but that might take a year at least.

The AF performance of a Nikon DSLR is thus far not equaled by any of the Z series cameras.

You didn't state which type of photography you do. If it is events, the Nikon Z 6 ( Version 1) is more than capable if you know what you're doing, and if you are avoiding ultra razor thin depths of fields with tracking of fast paced individuals.

Thus Nikon Z 7 II should be much more than enough for events, but no way it is going to be on the same league as the Canon R5 out of the box in the year 2020.

If you shoot wildlife, forget it and get the Canon already.


the Nikon Z series has magnificent output once you set the profiles up and the raw files are just better looking than the rest of the competition and give you better and easier results once you work on them a little.

It seems you are drawn to Z7 II by the 2.8 trio of Z lenses, but bear in mind that RF lenses by Canon are not far off from what Nikon is offering, and the R5 is decidedly a much better performing in therms of ISO and AF.


You can see how the high ISO performance of R5 is much more superior (0,7 to 1 EV for the same SNR) than that of the Z7 on dpreview image quality scene test.

Really not seeing it!

once again, the Z6 version 1 is more than enough for everything, the Z7 II should be superior to that, and thus a solid option, specially if you are doing only with F2.8.

Thus far youtube previews for z7 ii have been made with pre production firmware, so there's still the possibility that fw 1.0 and further would bring the Z7 II to the level of the S A7R III (still not on the level of C R5 for sure).

Yes, I am trying to understand these comments as well, since they smack against all of the reviews I’ve seen so far. 
Reviews that actually show the product in use and also show discuss keeper rates.

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