Agitation. constant vs Intermittent. Opinions

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Re: Agitation. constant vs Intermittent. Opinions

Olympuse20 wrote:

thanks appreciate the feedback. using Lightroom curve point to invert image. Weird because everything works backwards then. Can't get the black and white point to with Mac option to work well. thinking of negative lab pro. but it looks like its more suited for color. but maybe after the invert the curves and light adjustments will work straight forward

also update on developing purchased Kodak hc 110 and Ilford stop and fix. going to try this option. Wasn't happy with the intermittent option with full tank in the labbox negative were very inconsistent. some were perfect others were very grainy with the HP5.

for me better suited for constant with a monobath

It's probably not a huge surprise that a reel-less device (which is an impression I have of the Lab Box without having had the benefit of getting my hands onto one) might have uneven layer-to-layer separation that would do no favors to attempting to achieve quiet time. Maybe there was slow movement as a result of relaxed tension. Worth trying, now we know, and thanks for the update.

Some old developing hardware was downright quirky in the name of unasked-for "convenience". I remember a Kodak tank system that had a fairly stiff plastic separator "tape" that was slightly wider than it's selected film format, that had ruffly edges like a lasagne noodle. The ruffles were supposed to create a free flowing gap for every location along the roll.

Well guess what, sometimes the bumps nested closely together but sometimes not - at varying positions along the roll. A friend of mine used that system while I was using the first Paterson plastic reel system. His negatives frequently had "sprocket marks" from the ruffles, with areas that were not touched by either developer or fixer, or maybe one but not the other. Super disappointing.

But I also have to report that the Paterson ratcheting reels (which are awesome for 35mm) were less consistent with 120 film. I sometimes got crescent marks from the buckling that occurred during the ratcheting.

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