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Bill Ferris wrote:

vbuhay wrote:

All outstanding shots Bill, Thanks again for your inputs with our Grand Canyon Visit- all your suggestions were spot on! I am going to need to keep practicing with my 200-500, I am very tempted to sell my lens since I have bought the 500 F5.6PF.... The Meteor Crater was very interesting (My daughter worked for NASA for 5 years and my son-in-law still does as an Engineer). My kids really enjoyed the Pit....Sunrise at Lipan Point was excellent - saw some deers on the way there, saw some mountain goats at the Bright Angel Trail, great food at Big E's...and a Fantastic Heli tour with Papillon Helicopters... Saw some Elks foraging in front of our Lodge (Yavapai Lodges). So now I am thinking of Flagstaff rather than Gilbert or Chandler as a retirement location... How is the Cost of living?

Here is a shot of the Milky Way with my kids...

Thanks much!

Vic, it sounds like you and your kids enjoyed a great visit to the Big Ditch. I'm glad I could be of assistance in recommending some activities. It's one of my favorite places. Your post reminds me it's been much too long since my last visit. If you don't mind one more suggestion, a guided river trip through the Canyon is something I'd bet you would enjoy. It's a bucket list item

I love the photos you've shared of your kids from this trip. Clearly, you all had a great time.

Flagstaff has gotten fairly expensive in recent years. Housing costs were never really much impacted by the Great Recession and have continued to increase.

That said, it does have a lot to offer...four seasons, pleasant summers and mild winters (I'm a former Wisconsinite so, that's the context for my thoughts on the climate, here.), lots of outdoor activities, a regional hospital and airport, a university, two research observatories, a decent food and arts scene. Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and other national treasures are within a few hours to a day's drive.

Thanks again Bill, I would definitely put that guided river trip in my bucket list... I did a white water at the American river for 3 days a while back and had a great time with my son... that is I on the left my son on the right .... I remember that water was freezing cold. A trip to remember!

The chute - circa 2007...

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