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Of course, because only olympus's good enough!

Well, sorry for the salt joke... Here's my review for pen f...

Ok, short story time...

Well, sometime ago, i intended to buy a rangefindery camera body because my previous camera were g85 a digital slr type. Not a big camera, but still, it caught many eyes nearly every where i go, and i don't want that unwanted attentions on my photo walk, so, i started looking to get a replacement for it. There's some choices back then: The cheapest one were a black and body only, gx8; The expensive one were also a black and body only, but a pen f; And then, a silver pen f with pana 20mm, without the original box, but a camera bag. I pick the last one...

After some photo walk, the camera still took a lot of attentions. But, sometimes they thought this camera as an analog camera, because of this camera's vintage looks and also i rarely used the back screen. Well, that's a good start.

But, because of the looks, there comes the new problems (the biggest cons of this camera, imo):

- The front, jpeg style's switcher.

What a bad implementation! Because of this thing, i can't hold this camera for long period of time like i used with my last camera, and that's decreasing the fun and enjoyment of my (used to be daily) photo walk.

- And the fake film winder as the on off switcher (Ceh, what a jenius placement!!!). Because of it, at the most of the times, i forgot to switched off my camera. All the time i realised that was when i inserted the battery back! Well, some how i can't adapted with that, even now.

- Still expensive! I got it for aroud 480USD, and with a lens. The price's still high now (cheapest one around 500USD), and all of them body only.

This camera also has some minor cons, like:

- The infamous, olympus's menu. Many people said that they're fine with olympus menu, fine, they accustomised with it, but i'm not one of them.

- Sometimes the evf went dimm. So, you have to put your eyes at the right place. That sensor also the culprit of why pen f's automatic screen to evf switcher (or vice versa) bit funny at all the time...

- Olympus choice to implement a FAS screen rather than a tilt screen for a rangefinder camera that intended for street photographer (Well afaik, pen f ambassador's street photographer, even one of them was an avid gf1 user). That's ok for me.

- Not WR! Well, be wise to choose the time for your photo walk, even when there's a big demonstration nearby, just do it when there's no pouring rain. Not a big deal.

- No PDAF! Well, just teach your self zone focusing, it will be "more" fun... Even withot an AF system, i'm still okay with it, as long as there's focus peaking and or clear screen (back screen or efv)

Ok, enough for bad things. Here's some pros of this camera:

- Highly praised vintage looks. I'm confused... Why using pen f name when it was intended to celebrating something, then released a camera with a big legacy (former pen f's brothers), when it didn't even have any resemblance? The analog pen f siblings was a SLR type, and the front switcher's placement not that bothering (for me at least). Well, not that i care about it.

- The jpeg's nice. Well, olympus's famous of their jpeg looks. But with pen f, they went far with the jpeg! You can change many parameters to your preference. But, i rarely use it, because, well am a raw shooter, just because it's fun to messing with a raw files haha...

- The ibis is better than my last camera! Well no **** sherlock, olympus is famous for their ibis...

- Hi-Res mode! I've tried it once, but i messed up big time, and still got no clue about to use it properly up until now, haha...

- Compact! Well, it's not that campact then you can put it in your jeans pocket, but you can put it on your jacket / hoodie pocket. Out of my curiousity, i've tried it with my last camera, it nearly tore my hoodie pocket's stitches, well, silly me...

Well, here's the answer, is it still good for 2020 or maybe 2021? Yes it is (IMHO). I'll rate this camera 3.5/5, just because the placement off the front jpeg switcher and the on off switcher.

Even better if olympus come up with some new firmware for pen f and make this camera capable to be used as a webcam (not just some selected omds). Then, (imo) this camera will still good for more years to come (But, i doubt it, olympus just care about their 20mp's camera and only one 16mp's. Well, 5 cameras, it's their flagship after all).

Olympus PEN-F
20 megapixels • 3 screen • Four Thirds sensor
Announced: Jan 27, 2016
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Olympus PEN-F
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