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I've been bringing this one up a lot (sorry y'all) - the Kilfitt / Zoomar 90/2.8 Makro-Kilar is very unique as far as I can tell. It produces bokeh that's unlike any other that is apparently due to a "biradially ground" lens element. Aside from that optical oddity, it's a Tessar-type design that was pushed hard to cover up to 6x6 medium format and had a triple helical to allow 1:1 magnification natively (i.e. without extension tubes, teleconverters, or diopters). Kilfitt made quite a few mount adapters for their lens system including some for cine cameras (this 90/2.8 did see some use in the film industry - Stanley Kubrick owned one, for example).

This thread contains lots of sample images that are textbook examples of how wacky the bokeh can be.

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