Any serious cyclist AND photographer here?

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Re: Any serious cyclist AND photographer here?

shineofleo wrote:

I am in a dilemma between cycling and photography.

"Serious cyclist", I mean you have one or more expensive road bike(s), and you can spend a whole day (more than 6 hours) riding more than 150KM, and maybe some serious climbing.

Unfortunately, my conclusion is that, once you cycle, well not necessarily 150km but 50km mileage in one run maybe - you can not take photos. When you want to take photos of cycling sports, you definitely need a car/motocycle/or even a Segway, so cycling is not possible.

However, it is such a good chance for photography when you are cycling!

* You will pass some beautiful scene, which you will not normally see. This is more like landscape photography.

* With a club riding, you may want to take photos of your friends. Either:

- You stop and take some actionshots from a fixed position,

- or, you take photos when you are on a bike. Yes it can be dangerous, but the need is real.

So my question is, how you deal with such dilemma? Do you still try to take photos during cycling? or completely give up? Several possible cases:

* Phone.

* Gopro/Sony RX0 as such. Note photo only, not video.

* Mirrorless in a bagpack, or a tight strap on body.

* DSLR - but I highly doubt that, it would be super heavy.

* Any new/other options? Sigma FP? Fuji X100 series?

I am trying to explore the possibility to take good photos while cycling, so any experience is appreciated. Thanks!

Not sure if I qualify as serious - I rode throughout Europe for a summer after I finished graduate school, so my bicycle was relatively inexpensive.  And I was touring, so I had 25-30 lbs. of gear.  But I did ride over 2,000 miles, and I crossed 3 major passes in the Swiss Alps.

I agree that taking photos while riding is dangerous.  That's something to avoid because road rash is painful.

My advice would be to think about your priorities.  I would usually stop for breaks when there was beautiful scenery, and I'd often pull out my camera and take a few shots.

Club rides?  Are nice photos important enough to drop back from the fastest riders?  You could get nice shots of folks who are a bit slower than the fastest riders, and the other club members would likely appreciate any photos that you choose to share with them.

You'll be shooting photos in decent light, so even smaller sensors should perform well.  Perhaps something that will fit easily in the rear pocket of a cycling jersey.

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