The Zeltsman Approach to Formal Classic Portraiture

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Re: I agree with elliotn

jlafferty wrote:

Ed Shapiro wrote:

I'm disappointed that this thread has turned into a kind of battle of the famous photographer's fan clubs. Joseph Zeltzman was not a world-famous celebrity photograher like Karsh and Baily. He was, in fact, a modest neighbourhood portrait photograher from Morris Planes, New Jersey, who became known as a master-craftsman in traditional circles and was a very definitive and thorough teacher.

I mean, Arnold Newman has similar roots but they diverge significantly... and it matters. Or maybe it doesn't for some people.

Arnold Newman shot oftentimes wit a 90mm lens on his 4x5 camera so as to include lots of environment in his unique composition and captured character at the same time.

It's great to learn for all the masters and adapt what you lean to your own work.

As for me, I am a commercial photographer and do lots of corporate portraiture. In order to remain in business and satisfy my clients, art directors and myself.  Versatility and flexibility are key. I can't emulate one style even if it is my own or my preference. I am 76 years old and still working.  I certainly enjoy studying the work of many photographers from Dianne Arbus to Yosef Karsh and everyone in between. When I stop learning, I will have been dead for at least a week.

Another consideration- many of the past and present iconic photographers di and do exceptional work but few of them teach.  I've been to many lectures, seminars and so-called workshops with some of the big names- they philosophize and tell of the experiences but most keep the techniques close to the chests.

Anyway, I am not here to argue, just to suggest and contribute to the conversation. I got go back to work now- big glamourous job- I have to shoot a bulldozer and crane on a construction site- that what they pay me the big bucks for!  No pretty models today!

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