Epson Artisan 1430 / 1500W Stopped printing Black

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Epson Artisan 1430 / 1500W Stopped printing Black

My Epson 1500W (same as the 1430 in the USA) has suddenly stopped printing black. In the past when this happened a cleaning cycle and letting it rest was all that was needed to fix it. Now everything I have tried has failed. I am wondering if its time for a new printer.

Here is what I have done so far.

1- After a couple of cleaning cycles leaving overnight and doing a nozzle test maybe 30% of the ink nozzles fire in the test pattern. After doing a cleaning cycle they nearly all disappear. If I start to print black, the printout gradually fades indicating ink starvation.

2- Using a different black cartridge does not help. I also cleaned the ink spike that takes ink from the cartridge.

3- I tried two cleaning cycle and an overnight soak with a cleaning cart in the black position containing Windex and a little isopropyl alcohol and black still will not print; just a few nozzles fire.

4- I tried to pressure clean very gently with a syringe and plastic tubing. Once with Windex and isopropyl alcohol. A second time with a commercial head cleaner and left it soaking overnight. There was no great resistance and the solution flowed through the head freely. Black will still not print.

5- I tried using tissue soaked in Windex/isopropyl alcohol on the platen and moved head/carriage over it so the head could get an overnight soak. All the carts were sucked dry but the black will still not print.

6- I know that the cleaning station is working because during the cleaning cycles I can see ink flowing through the waste ink tube that I fitted.

From what I can deduce, the nozzles are not blocked but ink can't reach them. It's a problem with ink starvation. There could be a blockage in the black head but my gut feeling is that is not the problem. Cleaning with a syringe showed no resistance.

I have not given up, but am starting to wonder if there is a crack in the head and air is getting in. I have tried two different black carts so I don't think its a problem with the air port.

Has anyone else had this problem and found a fix? Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Kind regards


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