OMD E-M1 ii Front Dial - Stiff Vague Mushy Rubbery, Is this normal?

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OP HalftoneDot New Member • Posts: 6
Is this normal? Appears So.

Thank you for responses.

Seems it’s an intentional design change on Mark 2, which Olympus has undone on the Mark 3. Not 100% convinced it was intended before it was identified by users as a feature.

Why design/manufacture would deliberately make the front dial feel more ‘smooth’ and the rear dial more ‘defined’, escapes my logic.

I’ve played with multiple bodies now, all of which the front dial feels more vague, less precise, when compared to the rear dial. Age and use may be a factor. On some the difference is more pronounced, on some it’s less pronounced. No one reports a reliability problem with the Mark 2 front dials, or Rear for that matter.

Not aware of another camera body that deliberately engineered difference of feel in this way.

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