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Re: Basketball photography

Great combination for basketball in my opinion, D500 and Z6.

There is a sports photography forum here as well, you might get more feedback in that forum.

If you haven’t tried Topaz DeNoise AI, give it a shot. They have a 30 day free trial. I process my images in LR and then export to JPEG and batch process them through DeNoise AI and the results are excellent. It will improve your D500 images as well. Great noise reduction software!

You don’t say what lenses you have. I like to use my 70-200 on the Z6 and I might put a 35 or 50 f1.8 on my D500. I use the 50 f1.8 on my Z6 at times as well.

The only problem you might see in using the Z6 is in H* 12 FPS, there is a slight lag in the EVF so if you are trying to track a subject moving perpendicular to you your focus points might drift off your target. Practice in H*

I shoot full manual. Find a good metering for the court and go with it. I also like to take a custom white balance reading and use it for the court. I have found that sometimes background lights can alter the color balance in a sequence of shots. Even if you custom WB is slightly off, if all of your images are the same they are easier to correct. I use an ExpoDisk, but you can use a gray card or even a neutral wall of the gym.

I use AF-C with back button focus. I have used the Dynamic, Wide-area AF (S), and Wide-area AF (L), and have even given Auto-Area AF a shot. It is good to practice with all of them to see how they behave. Your Z6II might perform better than my Z6. I prefer Wide-area AF modes, and sometimes will shift back and forth. The WA(L) mode works well for picking up backcourt play and the WA(S) work well in more congested play.

I prefer the group focus on the D500 but the WA(S) works very well also. You will find that with the EVF you will need to practice keeping the focus points are your target and adjust accordingly.

Depending on the gym, I usually shoot at 1/1000 at f3.2 at whatever ISO is needed. I have used 1/800 as well.

Good luck, looking forward to a little basketball here as well.

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