Would you send it back?

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Absolutely, send it back

Fuji mik3 wrote:

Hi Everyone!

Just received my lens this Thursday and wasn't able to test it till basically today.

I first noticed that the right of the lens was softer than the left so i thought ok a little decentered but ah whatever its really mild who cares BUT then I inspected the lens as i usually do and noticed this super small mark that you can only see under super bright lights.

I don't like to touch the front element to much but wiping with lens cloth has not removed it.

I honestly think this lens saw a rough travel either between the manufacture and store or store to the customer.

I'm the type to not return stuff unless I really really have to but what does everyone think? i know this won't effect image quality but it will effect resale

XF 16-55

Whether or not there's a speck inside, It's an expensive lens that should be sharp on both sides and in the corners, especially on the wide end, Go take some shots of a grassy hill or something to confirm the softness on one side. I would absolutely send it back if it's off. Their QC won't improve if people go on accepting the dud copies. No lens is perfect, especially a zoom, but the 16-55 should be quite sharp across the frame.

16-55 at 16mm, f/8

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