Pentax K vs Contax - I cannot tell the difference

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Pentax K vs Contax - I cannot tell the difference

I know this has been discussed since before I was born. And I have read numerous articles and discussions about it.. but.
I used to collect Pentax K lenses of all sorts of brands. Later I went on and bought a Sony A7Rii and then I starte buying Contax Zeiss lenses as well.
Now I have this well known problem: Too many options and too much time spend thinking about what to keep and what to bring, instead of taking photographs.
So. I try to make up my mind about the heavy and expensive Contax lenses and the smaller and cheaper Pentax.
My 'problem' is that if I take my Contax c/Y 50mm f1.4 and compare it to my SMC Pentax-M 50mm 1.4 I cannot tell the difference, almost no matter what kind of test I make.

They produce identical images!
My next 'problem' is that my SMC Pentax-M 50mm 1.7 does an equally good (maybe even sharper) job wide open. And it is small as a pancake and can go way closer than my c/Y 50mm f1.7 -without having the annoying Ninja stars!
Theses are just the 50mm lenses of course. I also own Contax 25mm, 28mm, 85mm, all f2,8.
So my question is:

Can anyone tell me how to make a test, that will convince me that my Contax lenses make better images on my 42 Megapixel sensor than my Pentax does?
I want to see it. I am not trying to say that Pentax are as good. I just relly want to see that Contax magic in action! 
What type of test should I make?

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