Super Telephoto IS Mode 1 vs Mode 3

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Re: Super Telephoto IS Mode 1 vs Mode 3

an_also wrote:

Hey friends...

Which IS mode are you guys using most of the time on your super tele lenses?

I've always just used Mode 1 as it's easier to frame up my shots with the steadier image in my viewfinder.

But does mode 3 offer any advantages over mode 1?

Are there more shots in focus for moving subjects when using one mode over the other?

the user manual for my canon 600mm f4.0 II (which is similar to other teles) indicates:

Mode1: corrects vibrations in all directions for shooting still subjects.

Mode2: corrects vertical camera shakes in a horizontal direction, and corrects

horizontal camera shake during following shots in a vertical direction.

Mode 3: corrects vibration only during exposure. during panning shots, corrects vibration during exposure only in one direction, same as mode2.

if you don't have your manual, you may want to write this down for future references! good luck.

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