Advice on 50mm focal length, possibly with close focus

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Re: Advice on 50mm focal length, possibly with close focus

Dr_Love wrote:

al404 wrote:

I did finally got the 55m but I hate extension tubes, I will keep take macro photo with Olympus. Unfortunately 55mm has a long minimum focal distance

Hate them all you want but they work and in this case you only need the shortest available so you don't lose much light to begin with. What is it you hate about extension tubes? I suppose I don't mid them because of all the work I did using bellows over the years. I find that for me the tube is a quick and easy set up that can also be used with any of my other lenses in a pinch. I'm also a kayaker so I tend to be a little biased towards compact solutions. You can get a cheap set of tubes on Amazon to try it out, you may be surprised and if you don't like it then there is the return window to use.

probabile because I'm so used with macro lens, I take macro / closeup outside in woodland and the dirt so I try to be as careful as I can when I exchange lens and try to avoid to change the lens

I don't like them because you need to use the correct tube for the correct distance and remove them if you want to shoot at normal focal distance

the only type I like is for vintage lens, I have an extension and adapter ring all in one for M42 lens, tuning the ring the tube extends

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