Nikkor 800mm F5.6 Ai-s ED

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Re: Nikkor 800mm F5.6 Ai-s ED

Not sure how we got into this.  Okay, standards were not "lower" either.

The best photos were still in perfect focus, but yes it took not only the best equipment and the best skills, but a heck of a lot of film, to get there.  I did used to "pixel peep" the film grain of transparencies with a 10x objective magnifying lens!

I never used an autofocus film camera but after years of digital photography with AF, I would imagine it saved a lot of film and time, and may have resulted in more memorable action images.

In my opinion digital did more for successful photography than AF.  Instantaneous feedback on exposure, focus, and composition, and instantaneous control over ISO to ensure the best combination of aperture and shutter speed, provided the most effective tool for photography.  Today many of the best lenses manufactured, like the Canon TS-E series, and many Zeiss lenses, to name just a couple, are manual focus and once again made much easier to photograph with by digital cameras.

The images I create with my 5 manual focus lenses are just as good (if not better) and just as fulfilling as those made with my 2 autofocus lenses.  I would say that without digital cameras and digital post processing my action photography, heck most of my photography, would be nowhere near where it is today.  I do certainly miss the bright viewfinders and matte screens of the 70's and 80's for focusing.  I would love to have seen a DSLR manual focus only body that would not have to steal all that light for the AF system.  If it hadn't been for the industry switch to mirrorless, someone might actually have done it, with the advent of all these manual focus lines of lenses.

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