Agitation. constant vs Intermittent. Opinions

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Re: Agitation. constant vs Intermittent. Opinions

DrBormental wrote:

sprocket-docket wrote:

DrBormental wrote:

sprocket-docket wrote:

Also, if you're happy with the look of monobath then you shouldn't stop using it just because someone on the internet tells you to.

Agreed! But in his case, he's unhappy. And manufacturers instructions bear more weight than "someone on the internet".

Read the OP again.

No need. I already gave him the correct answer to all his troubles. This thread can now be closed. By monkeying with monobaths and labboxes he's only delaying the inevitable, which is switching to proper chemistry in a Paterson or JOBO.

Your reply seems a little dismissive. The lab-box thingie seems rather expensive, but I don't see why it should be limited to use only with a monobath... and if the monobath does what is required - then why not? I didn't get the impression the OP is unhappy as much as wanting to expand his/her knowledge...

Personally I use a Patterson 4 and Rodinal or Ilford chemistry - but this is mainly on the basis of familiarity and cost... other stuff may work quite well and the lab-box seems aimed at those who don't like the idea of loading a reel in the dark by feel alone.

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