Bad news for cRAW - Anyone with same experience?

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Re: Bad news for cRAW - Anyone with same experience?

torppapa wrote:

After a short period of use I've just deactivated cRAW on my R6.

It seems that cRAW destroys fine detail in darker areas.

The test shot on the left shows cRAW at 200% magnification. On the right side, same tree taken with RAW (instead of cRAW).

Anyone with same experience

Some questions...

We can see the shutter speed was 1/10000 (extremely fast), what was the aperture and did you have any exposure compensation dialled in?

How heavily was the exposure pushed in post?

In short, did you deliberately underexpose the image to see how well CRAW would hold up? If so then you have basically found the limitation that practically every other test has found, the 'worm' in the shadows from heavy (4 or stops) of exposure compensation.

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