How do you think, when lighting?

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Re: How do you think, when lighting?

For a laugh, this is how I often prelight. I'm usually on set ahead of everyone else, setting up, getting in the right mental space. When the subject shows up, I want to be 80-90% there with my lighting. You're never fully 100% until they step on set, and I'm often trying entirely new setups, or slightly tweaked setups already familiar. But I want to hit the ground running, creatively, and make it so that I minimize or eliminate any lag between starting and feeling good about where things are headed.

So I put an apple box at approximately where they'll be, and I have three of varying colors that correspond to different skin tones, more or less. I can tether, get the lighting roughed in, get some number from the exposure overlays, see where the shadows are placed, how dense they are, how broad and even my background coverage is, if the DOF falls off fast enough, etc.

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