Professional Sensor/Mirror Cleaning...

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Re: Professional Sensor/Mirror Cleaning...

RacingManiac wrote:

As far as sensor cleaning itself goes I've used the sensor swab and solution(I think PSI and Eclipse or something). I did this before on my old KM 5D and A700 to varying degrees of success but doesn't seem to get the A77II as well. Hence why I am wondering if I am not doing something right.

I think you are doing the right thing. I recently cleaned my A77ii’s sensor with sensor swabs and Eclipse fluid. I used too much fluid on the first pass and had some “lines” of dried fluid on the sensor. On the next couple passes, I think I used too little fluid, and just kind of smeared the lines. I finally got the right amount on the next pass, which finally resulted in a clean sensor.

I had previously cleaned sensors on my A330 and A580. They seemed much less susceptible to the smearing I encountered on the A77ii. I’d recommend using fluid sparingly, and expect to do multiple passes. You should blow out the sensor after each cleaning, and of course use a new sensor swab each time. Finally, don’t expect the the cleaning to be perfect. You will always see a few small spots at small apertures on a clear sky or white wall, but they will not be visible on normal photos. Good luck!

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