Nikkor 105 micro VR

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Re: Nikkor 105 micro VR

Do you mean product photography in the near 1:1 range?  If so, ifs great. I use it for pathology images so a variety of shots that often nvolves 1:1 and focus stacking.  However, I would strongly consider that you exanmine and compare an Irix 150 macro lens.  The Irix is manual focus but if you are near 1:1 than manual is the way to go anyway.  Also, it has a long working distance to allow more room for light modification.  The Irix has a tripod mount on the lens which I think allows for better balance and when you are focus stacking you can lock the focus ring down.

With that said I do have the Nikon 105vr and it is a very good lens.  I tend to use away from 1:1 as I can then get more use out of AF, but it would certainly work well (and I have used it) for near 1:1 work.  I just prefere the Irix for the above reasons.



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