Which is the best superzoom in the market for any system?

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Re: Which is the best superzoom in the market for any system?

Photography Raptor wrote:

jkokura wrote:

Photography Raptor wrote:

Is the Tamron 28-200mm f/2.8-5.6 for Sony or is it out there any other better lens?

I know superzooms have their constraints, but at this moment of my life I feel like I need an all in one lens.

Consider any sensor size and mirrorless/dslr/even compact cameras.

Define best. Highest rated? Most sold? Most range? Widest aperture?

I think it's also silly to compare superzoom across systems. For example, the best superzoom for Nikon APSC is not the best for Nikon FF. And it's impossible to compare the Sony lens you mention, which is for Mirrorless, to the offerings from other companies because the way the body interacts with the lenses is as important as anything.

I'd say be more specific about what system you're interested in, otherwise it's down to what people have as their most favourite.


By best I mean the best overall IQ in a lens that goes from wide to telephoto.

Obviously the lens isn't gonna increase the dynamic range of the sensor.

Then I don't see the point of the question. Are you buying a camera system based on the image quality of a Superzoom lens? That's a ridiculous notion to me, and given the impossibility of answering your question, I'll suggest that you at least try and settle on a system, or better yet, list a couple lenses that you've researched and ask for a comparison.

It seems to me that you're asking a question that's impossible without actually doing any research for yourself. Go watch some Youtube reviews or something.


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