New X-t3 owner!

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Re: Congrat's!!!!! Very happy w/mine!

Zinch wrote:

Today I finaly received it.

Woah! The build quality compared with the M50 is in a completely different league.

exactly.  I came from and m6 and was shocked.

Just opening the box and looking how things are packed you notice it.

Yes, Fuji is definitely premium or at least pay more attention to the little things.

And... Man! The SS and iso dials are a total pleasure to use. I doubted if I would like them, but I'm completely sold already

Also, the customizing options are daunting lol. I've been diging in the menus for a while and they are endless

youll get used to them.  The daunting thing for me was assigning the custom buttons and then remembering what each did.

The cons:

- The app is totaly unusable in my phone. I can connect the camera by blue tooth, but when I try to connect by wifi it just keeps trying to connect. The Canon app was a little cumbersome to connect, but it worked pretty well

i forget where but I saw somewhere someone posted a trick about WiFi.  I had trouble at first but all is fine now.

- The kit is big! The camera being a little bigger than my M50 is not a bad thing in my book, but the 16-80 is bigger than expected.

this is the price you pay for a useful zoom range, weather sealing and constant f4.  You would never see this lens from Canon for m which is just another reason I switched.  I absolutely love this lens.

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