Canon EOS R6 with RF 2.0/85 Macro IS, photos of my Labrador girl!

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Re: softness ?

David Franklin wrote:

Funny Valentine wrote:

martinhb wrote:

Interesting because I have the same impression too. I've been looking at all available R6 photos plus the R5 & some photos are sharp & others soft. Apart from camera test websites I also do a google search like : Canon R6 flickr : & then check out flickr Canon R6 user photos. I've not found much for the R6. Cameralabs has a flickr site whereby the photos can be enlarged by clicking on them. But the camera info is absent.

I had planned on getting the R6 so I'm naturally interested in its performance. One thing I did notice is in the instruction manual the Electronic is 1/8000 - 0.5 sec. So if taking nighttime shots longer that 0.5 sec the mechanical shutter is clunking around.

Can't find any info on how slow the Nikon Z camera electronic shutter speeds are.

Hope you find the R6 satisfactory & up to spec.

Yes, this is from DPREVIEW sample gallery of canon R6 and olympus em1-3, it's the image of the same dog, in the same place and lighting and the olympus looks sharper to me,

R6, not sure why but it looks soft, the details in the hair are mushy. Maybe the AA filter is too strong ??

em1-3 looks sharper to me, the details in hair around the eyes are higher

it's a little soft, I can't put my finger on it, but there's some softeness.

again, here on the Olympus I see more details.

My theory is Canon had to put a very strong AA filter to soften the image of the R6 and to differentiate it from the 1DX mark III.

I find your analysis of the relative "sharpness" to be way off. In the first comparison, the ISO for the Olympus is 200, and for the R6 is 2000, and, despite that, and the fact that the dogs face takes up a lot smaller area of the picture in the R6 example, I think that the R6 image is at least as sharp or sharper. In the second example, it almost the same thing. Although the ISO difference is still there, it's not as extreme, but the area of the picture in the Olympus picture, from which you draw your conclusion, is even more disparately larger than the area in the R6 picture than in the first set of pictures. In conclusion, the R6 is not less sharp, and most likely, if given an even comparison, would be the considerably sharper of the two.

Yes I hope the R6 is sharper too. Maybe I'm too harsh on the R6. Once I will receive my R6 I will post a comparison with my 20 megapixel olympus.

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