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Bolothegreat wrote:

Zinch wrote:

Bolothegreat wrote:

Congrats Zinch! I'm glad you finally pulled the trigger & went with XT3. It's a huge step up from M50 for sure & 16-80 is also a versatile lens.

I'd recommend pal2tech for plenty of useful Fuji tips & Omar Gonzalez for his humorous personality.

Hope you receive your gear soon & update the firmware for both the body & lens straight away and enjoy.

Thank you

I've seen some vids from both. I prefer Omar, it's more informative and fun IMO.

Aborher channel I like is Andrea&Denae or something like this.

But man! Now thst I'm waiting for the camera to arrive is hard to look at them! Lol

Yes I like Omar & Andrew's great too. I found the pal2tech guy's style a bit over the top at first but I learn something new from every single video of his!

also want to mention tb- photography - lesser known Kiwi guy (don't mind his accent lol) but he's done a very thorough analysis of Fuji lenses...well worth checking out.

I watch ALL these people and love them. YouTube keeps feeding them to me. Glad I'm not the only one.

If you do landscape photography or are into it/interested in it at all, Andy Mumford is fantastic as well. His analysis and discussion is always practical and his video production is top-notch. He uploads sparingly, so you can get through all his Fuji videos very quickly.

Christopher Frost's lens analysis is great as well. He can be overly critical, but I love how quick his videos are. Some others can drag on with their lens reviews.

I hope you enjoy your X-T3 as much as I enjoy mine!

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