Memory card failure?

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Re: Memory card failure?

X Ray wrote:

ajff wrote:

Found it interesting in another thread regarding preferred memory card sizes that many (if not most) use smaller sized cards (16 or 32gb) to minimise the risk of loosing pics due to “memory card failure”.

I’ve been into digital since 2001 & taken thousands (or 100s of thousands)of pics using memory sticks, compact flash, sd, micro sd without (knock on wood) ever had a single card failure. I even broke a camera by falling into a river once & was still able to recoup the pics from the memory stick...

Is my experience an aberration?

Every card I've ever bought off Amazon has failed. Every single card I've every bought at a store has worked flawlessly regardless of age. I'm willing to bet money that the majority of cards on Amazon are fakes. I've learned my lesson.

Where are you guys buying your cards from?

How many cards have you purchased?

I have over 200 cards. I buy news ones for every camera I buy or device. All my cards get tested.

Only once have I had a card failed it was Sandisk MicrosD. I sent it in for warranty and got a replacement.

I have cards corrupted but those were user error.

I have bought fake cards off ebay, but knew in advance that Ebay will refund me and the seller never wants to take it back, because return shipping to China is more than the cost of the item.

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