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Image Quality
Prior to buying the camera, I would say the biggest area of insecurity with the R5 was image quality. I have always loved that the Canon images had a certain character to them (yes I shoot RAW); images were more contrasty with a tonal range that seemed to look filmic, particularly in regards to skin tones but the high banding when lifting shadows was an annoyance. The Sony on the other hand, is almost technically perfect to the point of being too clinical. The images are flatter which makes the files more pliable especially under low or bad lighting (I rarely shoot with a flash) and I’ve been spoilt by the exposure latitude available. Overall the Sony files allowed me that neutral starting point to get the look I wanted. Once you get used to this level of quality, it’s hard to go back :). Yes the Sony RAW files do look more yellow/green (in both Lightroom and Capture One) vs the more magenta colour of the Canon but it’s such an easy fix nowadays that I don’t find it a big issue. However I would also like to add that I always missed that ‘something’ that I always got from a Canon image.

Having used the R5 for a few weeks, I can say that it strikes a great balance of having that Canon look but with more resolution.

I'm glad I read this because as a Sony user I was going through some of my old 5D MarkIV pics this week, and was surprised at how smooth and 'filmic' the files looked in comparison. I thought it was my eyes. Also with Faithful and Standard in Lightroom it offers 2 distinct looks that are appealing (shooting raw but on default settings) especially for wedding work. They seem to be "good to go".

I was disappointed at how little the shadows and highlights could be moved though and the buffer was terrible, so I sold it. My Sony A7III is a camera with terrific technology for the money but unenjoyable fiddly to use with a horrible grip and feel.

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