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Maoby wrote:

I finally got a Pentax 645D, and I had fun (as usual) to make a comparison with my Nikon D600
I would have liked more compared to a Nikon D800, which I do not yet have, Unfortunately!
For all the photos it's here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/maoby/albums/72157716717060401

Pentax 645D (2010)
40 MP sensor (7264 x 5440)
Price: $ 9,400 USD
Photos were taken with the Pentax-D FA 645 55mm f / 2.8
(with a multiplication factor of 0.79)
MF (44x33 mm) CCD
ISO 200-1000 (100-1600)


Nikon D600 (2012)
24.3 MP (6016 x 4016) sensor
Price: $ 2,000 USD
Photos were taken with the Nikkor AF-S VR 24-120mm f / 4 G ED N
(with a multiplication factor of 1.0)
FX (36x24mm) CMOS
100-6400 (50-25600) H2 ISO

Your turn to judge

Pentax 645D (2010) / Nikon D600 (2012)

N°01 Pentax 645D (2010)

N°01 Nikon D600 (2012)

N°02 Pentax 645D (2010)

N°02 Nikon D600 (2012)

Your remarks are welcome!

Is it just me, or is there a commanding presence that image from MF have over 35mm... Its like the difference between a shot made with a phone and a 35mm. Once looks real the other looks ok but something is missing. I have a D800 and it amazes me every time as it nears that level of presence but its not quite there.

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