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It does have a few points of view, but at the same time still has a narrow sweet spot similar to parallax barriers. Because it's multi-view, the resolution in 3D is also significantly lower. You can see full width and images on it by appending _2x1 to the file name, but you're seeing a corruption of the original 3D image, as a depth map is being auto generated and then converting it to multi-view. (Same goes for 3D videos, often with errors.) Since the sweet spot issue isn't really solved anyway, there's really no benefit if you want it mainly for a 3D display device, and parallax barrier screens look much, much better. As for 3D stills and videos taken with it, all they are is full width side by side format stereo pairs. They imply it is a proprietary multi-view format, but that isn't true. It is just a simple container file for a jpeg (or mp4) with two standard views. The bright side is that the images will look better on a parallax barrier or 3D TV / projector because then it's not being distorted by the multi-view conversion.

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