Nikkor 800mm F5.6 Ai-s ED

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Re: Nikkor 800mm F5.6 Ai-s ED

hypercore360 wrote:

I am not a Z shooter, so I have to ask (I simply don't know), but why would the view finder be "brighter"? Simply because of the EVF?

Although not directly relevant with an f5.6 lenses, current Nikon DSLR's viewfinders - depending on the model - do not get any brighter with lenses faster than f2.2 to f2.8.

Nikon Z electronic viewfinders are several stops brighter with any lens than a Nikon DSLR viewfinder.

In very, very dim lighting when I can just detect an outline through a DSLR viewfinder the Z7 viewfinder has so much electronic noise I consider it worse.

I understand but cannot confirm some Sony viewfinders have much less noise in very, very low light.

The Z6&7 II have much lower light metering ability.

Whether their viewfinders perform better in very, very low light is something I do not know.

A second lockdown started in the UK today so I cannot handle a Z6 II until 2nd December without buying one first.

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