Epson P900 - New Print Quality Settings

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Re: Epson P900 - New Print Quality Settings

steverap wrote:

I just setup an Epson P900 and Print Quality Settings are new. Instead of SuperFine and SuperPhoto there are now five settings: Standard, Quality, High Quality, Max Quality, and Max Quality (Carbon Black). Does anyone have any experiences with these settings that they could share?

Yes (they are exactly the same for the P700 BTW)

In general, I see no real benefits for the very highest settings (my more cynical self might say other than for printer marketing purposes) For my personal work, I'd just use the mid settings.

I'm currently testing the P900 for a review and for most prints I'm happy to use settings 2/3 [q/hq] (the options are different for art papers, where I just avoid the top quality settings).

If you'd like a preview from a print quality POV for the P900, just see my notes on the P700 (same inks and same print head).

I'm sure some will insist they can see the difference from using the best quality settings - well good for them, I can't

Not quite true I can see the differences with my USB microscope (I think) - but I really don't often look at prints that way... Just remember that most printer specs you read are aimed at marketing a printer - and yes I've got some great looking prints from the 900 and the 700

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