How do you think, when lighting?

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Re: How do you think, when lighting?

I think this is very important. The fact that you, as a hired photographer, are always within a framework set by the client - and therefore think differently depending on the limitations.

I have done my share as a speaker at many photographic schools and always was a bit struck that the students don't get familiar with tackling different levels of Time, Money, and Quality-frameworks. In the real world, they always will navigate that classical triad and should be thought how to comfortably solve photographic challenges despite where in this triad the project are.

If I can be quite frank, I find that many students today actually are quite uninterested in the quality-corner. This means that if they get a job where quality is important, they don't know what that implies. If I can be even franker, my collected condensate on how young photographers think today is that "Quality equals Fake". They are grown up with, and so used to "high quality" that they despise it, and find Lighting and "Bigger projects" to breathe manipulation and fake. BUT the funny thing is that when they learn lighting for real - how the nature of light works so they can mimic what mother nature does (as they, of course, love), they get fascinated. What they actually despite is bad quality. Good craftmanship is invisible and does not make the viewer feel manipulated.

Sorry. Many words out of topic there.

Back to your point. I totally agree. The thinking process is totally different depending on what you are doing - and this is totally depending on what limitations you have. And this falls back to your experience - how many different "levels" you have up your sleeve. And each and one of these situations demand their own way of thinking. Maybe the question should be rephrased into a defined situation, and then - how would you think? I don't know. But I know that I always think.

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