Sony 24-105 f4 G vs. Sony 24-70 f2.8 GM... flickr bias

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Re: Sony 24-105 f4 G vs. Sony 24-70 f2.8 GM... flickr bias

I own both the Sony 24-70mm GM F2.8 and the Sigma 24-70mm DG DN Art F2.8. I will sell the GM when i have time (more on reason later), i'm actually considering a 24-105mm F4 if i see a cheap one used, so i can have a lens with OSS (good for video shooting i think but also fun to have an alternative. List why Sigma is best lens (reasons)

Sigma has by far the fewest chromatic aberration of the 3 lenses (24-105mm f4 the most, but not so much more then the gmaster), even when removed, you see soft edges on detailed surfaces like top of trees/buildings.

Bokeh: best on Sigma. Not a massive difference but it's there.

Colours: Sigma really surprised me. Their Nano porous coating so far really impressed me (also own sigma 14-24mm dg dn, wich has similar colours - lovely lens btw). Sony Gmaster is second, but i find them a bit to the dark/brown side compared to Sigma. Sigma more spread out colours without being to saturated. Also more contrast for sure.

Sharpness: Sigma wins especially at infinity for landscape. 24mm, GM 'should be sharper' (general consensus) but my copy aint good here, the corners shop quickly drop off (not decentering is equal everywhere). At 35mm Gmaster is prime sharp. Sigma is just a nodge behind (but still very good for zoom, better then any other i think). At 50mm Sigma gets the lead again and at 70mm the Gmaster is really really soft at far distance, at closer distance it's ok but not amazing. At close distance i think Sigma looses or equals the Gmaster but the difference is neglible here (unlike the infinity difference).

Size: Sigma is better balanced, and 35 gram less weight.

Build quality: no preference, both are epic.

AF: Af may be slightly better on the Gmaster but i notice almost no difference, it's amazing how good Sigma did.

Also while a bit weird, 24mm, the Sigma can focus incredible close, a nice extra. After having used the nikon 24-70mm VR, and like you compared loads of images (and used the sharpest as a benchmark per lens).

Most zoom sacrafice a lot of corners sharpness and other stuff like astigmatism. The Sigma really stunned me by limiting these by a greater amount then standard zooms usually do, imo only the Nikon 24-70mm F2.8s trumps it (but cost more then double, and nikon also has slouches in their line up like 20mm F1.8).

Take a big look at Sigma imo, I bought it for 1089€ and it's a big steal at that price.

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