Need help replacing PaS camera

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Re: Need help replacing PaS camera

I2K4 wrote:

Others can advise you on top tier smartphone cameras, I'd just recommend - especially after owning sophisticated cameras - that you put thought into your personal habits and preferences for a "hiking camera", in particular a) computational HDR algorithms as with iPhone and Pixel versus less conventional lens and sensor configurations / manual controls / DNG / post-processing, b) shooting without an EVF or directional (flip out) screen, and c) battery battery battery given the screen drain and multifunctional (including emergency communication and geolocation) uses of the phone. Personally, a decent phone as a camera always in hand is great, but that's not the same as a good compact on the order of your Sony or Canon G series for a planned photographic outing of many hours and many shots. Setting optics and viewfinders aside, without either a swappable battery or a battery case, phones can be very limiting or heavy on compensating paraphernalia.

yip most OEMs have fancy computational stuff happening, like the S20 Ultra which combines 9 photos into each indi photo on the main camera, similar to what Huawei and Xiaomi do, all have there 'magic' though they all over-process still in the SOOC jpegs, especially iPhones (check out the iPhone 12 camera test thread), still way to smeary in the fine detail, as mentioned in GSMArena's iPhone 12 Pro review (where the camera is rated as good, not very good or excellent) this piece sums up the camera review

"The main camera saves good-looking 12MP photos with low noise levels, balanced sharpness, always accurate white balance, and colors, and the contrast is pretty high. The dynamic range isn't jaw-dropping, but we'd say Apple's hit the sweet spot with its latest Smart HDR and the photos look natural and well balanced.

The images are not ideal, though - high-frequency detail such as grass or foliage is not rendered in the best way we've seen from a flagship device. Various objects like grass, bushes, window blinds, distant people, car plates, etc. present a challenge for the camera and often come out smeared or deformed."

Samsung's also process a bit to much (though greatly improved over the last 4 months, with numerous firmware updates focused on the camera), Pixels are good but their camera hardware is getting on (as mentioned in reviews) and they are heavily relying on the computational side.

I think you should rather look at overall versatility like a phone with a UWA, amin and tele (3x optical or more).

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