Question to users of the Laowa 65/2.8 Apo Macro.....

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Question to users of the Laowa 65/2.8 Apo Macro.....

Hi there,

I've been thinking about buying this lens for some time. The lab site reports and the macro results in multiple posts look good. So now that it's been out and about for six months or so, what's it like when it's not being used as a macro - but as a general short telephoto?  I usually found 90mm too long for my uses.  And the Fuji 80mm is too heavy.  I do shoot some macro and the 65mm might just be a good solution, but I would like a lens in that FL to be pretty versatile.

Thoughts and questions.....

  • How is the Laowa at infinity? Macro lenses are usually optimized for short distances. Some don't do well at infinity. Is infinity focusing finicky to get accurate because of the short focus throw at long distances? Anyone taken any long landscapes with it?
  • What's it like at portrait distances? I know it's f2.8, but putting speed aside, has anyone tried portraits with it and how are the backgrounds wide open?  Anyone happy to share examples?
  • How does the lens perform when backgrounds include trees or branches backlit by bright sky? The Fuji 50 and 60 can both cause a bit of PF at wider apertures. Does the Laowa's apo design reduce or eliminate PF? (Some apo lenses do, some don't. Eg my Sigma 180/5.6 Apo Macro causes no PF or other color fringing whatsoever - no matter how high the contrast.  On the other hand, I don't think my 90mm Apo Lanthar is all that 'Apo'.)
  • Online reviews report that the 65mm lens can  flare.  How sensitive is it?

Overall - are you happy with it as a general purpose short tele?  (I don't care that it's not AF.)

Many thanks,


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