Using Macro Extension Rings for People Portraits

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Re: Using Macro Extension Rings for People Portraits

a_c_skinner wrote:

The tubes and the helicoids have the same function. They set the lens at a distance from the sensor which means the image is in focus. They move the lens in (to focus further away) or out (to focus nearer). That is it. Nothing more.

Tangentially if the lens is on sale elsewhere for a lot of money I'd sell it and replace it with a Sony AF lens of similar focal length and aperture. Stop fooling yourself that lenses have magic but undefinable properties. It will save you a lot of messing about and would spare us any further attempts to deal with people's sketchy grasp of simple optics. With apologies for a rather direct reply, not directed at the OP but at the numerous people who claim to elucidate but actually obfuscate.

AC, I totally disagree with that. Weren't you in the Sigma forum, applauding Foveon technology? I may have the wrong guy. But different lenses and different sensors have different looks. You might think they all look the same, but I don't. You seem not to bother with anything that requires a subjective appraisal, that relies on a person's aesthetic sense. You kind of remind me of James Randi, someone who I feel ambivalent about. I actually respect your technical acumen. But what you call magic is in fact the subtle capacity of a human being to appreciate beauty, and that is what is at the heart of the creative process. I live in India and one thing the culture here has taught me is that there are other ways of looking at life, than just a strictly linear approach to it.


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