Using Macro Extension Rings for People Portraits

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Re: Using Macro Extension Rings for People Portraits

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Don't know if it helps - but if you look at this calculator you can see whatt happens if you add extension tubes:

Just go up with the extensiontubes and see what happens with magnification and DOF.

Be careful interpreting the results from this calculator. "Focusing distance" is the distance at which the lens is in focus without the extension tube attached. For example, if you set infinity focus by using the distance marks on the lens barrel while it is attached to an extension tube, the "focusing distance" required by this calculator is infinity while things that are actually in focus will be much closer to the camera (because of the use of the extension tube). Confusing, right?

Ouch. I can't deal with this. For me, photography is a pleasure, not a math problem. Although I understand that other people have a different view on what is pleasurable or not.

Same for me - however, maths can be pure pleasure , too. It may help you to make visible the deepest beauty in nature or to understand the optics of your camera and find the best way to make this beauty visible to people who don't have "antenna" for the mathematical dimension of the world.

Yes, you are right of course. I totally respect the technical side of things. That is why I appreciate the answers to my original question because some of them have practical implications and are not too abstract.

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