Deminishing returns.....

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Re: Deminishing returns.....

EricTheAstroJunkie wrote:

82Virago wrote:

5 minute subs at Bortle 9 is too long regardless of filter.

I have 25 minutes of data at Bortle 5/6 no filter, 300mm f4 ISO 320, that looks better.

You have to pretty much always work some very short subs in, to get data in the core.

Could be issues in the processing, maybe post a single untouched sub. 16 hours of M42 should be mind blowing.

The whole astro thing is a learning curve. The fact you got 193 5 minute subs, means your tracking and focus techniques are working.

Get to a to a darker site, this much data on an object is outstanding and darker skies will make the most of it. I live in Bortle 9, so I have to travel to shoot, but the time is worth it.


5 minutes in bortle 9 with a narrowband, duo or tri narrowband is not too long. With my modified d5300 I was doing 10 minute exposures with the l-enhance in bortle 8 and a f6.5 scope and barely getting a histogram peak off the left edge.

I've never pushed it to10 min subs, but at 8 min, mine are completely plastered against the left edge using the same 'scope in Bortle 8 as well....

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